Fishing breaks in Newark

With the River Trent flowing through the town it is only right that we look at fishing breaks in Newark. Fishing is an extremely popular past time in the UK, arguably the most popular! Being close to the River Trent we do see guests arrive for the sole purpose of spending the weekend fishing. There are several excellent sites close by and Newark and District Piscatorial Federation have many on offer:

The Federation was founded in 1904 and now owns extensive fishing rights on the Trent and Trent Dyke in and around the town of Newark. They also control a stretch of the tidal Trent and a section on the Upper Witham as well as the River Devon in Devon Park.

The description Trent Dyke conjures a somewhat grim picture of an industrial ditch when in fact much of it is a picturesque waterway.

Most of our waters can be fished on a day ticket purchased on the bank from the Federation bailiffs.

The riverbanks have been dramatically improved over the years in partnership with Keith Easton of the Environment Agency. 145 pegs along the Trent and Trent Dyke have been reinforced using Matlock stone which has made for comfortable, stepped access to swims.

Full membership is restricted to people living within an 8 mile radius of Newark with Associate membership currently available outside of this catchment.

We spoke with Len Duckworth of the Federation and he told us:

“We do have stretches of water where guest anglers can book a days fishing locally, all details can be found on the website at 

Details of costs etc can be found at

There is also a tackle shop at Farndon called Future Fishing, that can answer any questions your guests may have.”

So Newark is an ideal destination for anglers with many options open to them, please see below a list of sites available to guests, if you need clarification please contact the Federation at or the tackle shop on 01636 612654.

If you fancy a fishing break in Newark on the banks of a river near us then please contact us for availability.

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