How do I sell my house quickly?

One question that all house sellers should consider is how do I sell my house quickly? There are a few things to consider but value for money is what every house buyer is looking for so how do you strike the balance between the two.

We viewed a bungalow 14 months ago in Grantham, it was a probate property and had been on the market six months already. It was in a very tired condition and was very much overpriced but we felt that the owner may be open to a cash purchase and quick turn round.

Our offer was a tad cheeky according to the estate agent at the time but given the amount of work involved to get the property rentable it was very fair indeed. It was the most expensive bungalow in the immediate area which added to our perception that the price was way too high. I checked the property again this week, 14 months after we viewed it, it remains unsold, and the price has not moved a penny. In a previous blog I stated that properties in excellent condition will always achieve a premium price as the buyer will have nothing to do and can move straight in, it is not just about location, location, location, condition very much comes into play and needs to reflect the price.

We recently put a bungalow up for sale that was likewise in somewhat tired condition and needed some work carrying out. We spent a week, clearing out the clutter and doing some minor jobs around the house that made the house look really good considering it had not been decorated for years. We set the price below the few that were being sold locally and it was no surprise that it sold within a week. We could have spent hundreds of pounds doing the place up but felt that once we started spending the project could easily have got out of control which would have delayed the sale and ultimately not generated any more cash than we had spent.

So when you ask yourself, how do I sell my house quickly?, you need to make sure the price reflects the condition otherwise you may be sitting there in two years time wondering why viewings have dried up and it has not sold.

So if you are looking for a fair price for a fast sale then contact us and we will be on the case straight away.

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