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One thing a Landlord dreams of is guaranteed rent, and a property handed back in mint condition, particularly in the current climate when so many people are struggling to pay their bills. At 1804 we not only guarantee your rental payments but the property is handed back often in better condition than it was given to us.

I typed into ‘Google’ landlord issues UK and the first page had 16 entries, all of which were from the tenant’s perspective of how to deal with a rogue or unsympathetic landlord. There was nothing about what a landlord can do to protect his income or how to deal with nightmare tenants.

That sums up the current attitude to landlords from both the Government and the media. They feel that landlords are wealthy people who can afford to subsidise their tenants’ lifestyles. A raft of legislation brought in over recent years backs this up:

  • Section 24 tax changes that seem to ignore the fact that this is a business.
  • Changes to Section 21 and the further Covid amendment.
  • Tougher attitude to Landlords looking to evict tenants.
  • Reductions in tenant fees and deposits.
  • Removal of tenant inventory fees upon exit.
  • Inability to enforce clauses in tenant contracts due to these changes.

The Covid amendment is interesting as a Landlord cannot evict a tenant ‘unless there is a serious reason’ which is stipulated as 6 months rent arrears. Given the backlog of cases with the courts currently this means it could be a year before you get access to your property. Add to that it will no doubt be in an awful state meaning that the reduced deposit will nowhere near cover the damage done. We cannot deny that there are appalling landlords in the UK that do not care about providing a quality home to their tenants but as is always the case they are a huge minority but tar all good landlords with the ‘rogue’ brush.

Given the raft of anti-landlord legislation and the attitude of the courts, it is amazing that people still regard renting to a tenant as an investment, let alone a business.

Here at 1804 we do offer landlords solutions to these problems. We can simply rent the property from a landlord on a management agreement and pay rent in the traditional way, or we can manage the property for the landlord as a commercial venture with all the benefits that this brings.

So, if you are a landlord looking for guaranteed rent or a more profitable way to rent your property out then contact us and we will take you through your options.

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