Looking at Local Attractions, Newark Showground

Let us take a look at another of the big draws to the area; we looked at Sundown Adventure Park in our post dated August 19th 2020, and also at the angling opportunities locally on the 16th September. Another big draw to the area during ‘normal’ times is Newark Showground.

Many businesses have had to adapt to these challenging times and The Showground has been particularly ingenious by coming up with the Nightflix Drive-In Cinema. This runs until the end of this month and as you can see there are some great films coming up. How many of us miss a film at release and then wish we had seen it on the big screen after seeing it on the telly. This is a great opportunity to see such cult classics as Thelma & Louise (16th Oct), The Addams Family (22nd October), Edward Scissorhands (25th October) and Alien (28th October). Mostly they are running single features but on a few selected dates they are running two films starting from 6pm. Please click this link to see the full schedule. Tickets are priced at £28.75 per car which is positively cheap for a car full!

Many of the signature events have been cancelled as a result of Covid. More recently when the Showground has been open the events have been severely restricted in numbers or for trade only. Sadly, the situation doesn’t seem to be improving which will impact further on this very important draw to the area as well as the local economy; we are well aware of the volume of visitors it draws by the traffic queues tailing up the A1!

Having this major attraction open is very important for the area as without doubt it generates revenue for local businesses as well as for itself. We all hope that the venue gets through this pandemic and if you are looking for accommodation to attend an event or just want to see the sights of Newark then please get in touch, we will be glad to host you.

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