Striving for Superhost status

The key to any successful business is to provide great customer service at an affordable price. On the Air BnB platform both the accommodation provider and the guest are encouraged to provide feedback on their experience, in fact the platform is built on mutual appraisal. The main reason here is that the host is often advertising a room in their own home and trust is crucial. The great thing here is that both parties are encouraged to do their best for one another. The guest gets great reviews and they find it easy to book accommodation in the future as the provider knows that the individual is both trusted and well behaved. Likewise, if they get a bad review, they are unlikely to get a good provider to host them. The accommodation provider has a target of getting ‘Superhost’ status which means they are:

  • A trusted provider of quality accommodation.
  • They provide an excellent guest experience.
  • Provide great communication so the guest has no unpleasant surprises.

The reward is they are pushed higher up in the search rankings when people are looking  for somewhere to stay and are more likely to attract good quality, discerning guests.

In our conversations with our Newark guests recently, similar features keep coming up as a reason for the booking and that includes:

  • Safety and security
  • Freedom of choice around meals as guests can prepare their own meals
  • Ample and free secure parking

These are things that the hotel trade struggle to compete with, if you want food you either go to their restaurant with the inherent risks of Covid or get a meal prepared and delivered by room service which can be expensive. Being in an isolated property you do not have the risk of mixing with total strangers and the risks that presently implies.

We are delighted to get such great reviews as we move towards ‘Superhost’ status which should be the target of every provider on Air BnB. Please see a selection of reviews below.

If you want to enjoy  great experience in Newark then please contact us for more information or book direct.

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