Struggling with your house completion? Look no further!

We are seeing more and more issues with people trying to get a house completion at first hand. Since December we have had several requests from people who have sold their house and are having to complete the sale but have not completed on the property they are buying, thus rendering them homeless for a short period. We manage to fill that void, often between two and four weeks.

This has highlighted to us that the system is creaking at the seams as we have pointed out in previous articles such as The pitfalls of buying and selling a house and A new buying service in the area. Various reasons are offered, inefficient agents and solicitors and the long delays in getting searches back from the local authorities. The reality is a mixture of these things and throw into the mix that many people are working from home now due to the pandemic and it is a perfect storm for anyone trying to achieve a house completion in reasonable time. Many businesses have had to change their whole work processes to accommodate remote working and as with any new system it takes some time to bed in. One of those rare occasions I have sympathy for estate agents and solicitors!

Sell My House Quickly is one of the largest house buying networks in the UK and we are having to rise to that challenge of buying houses quickly. In many cases we are providing house completions well ahead of the current National average, often in a few weeks rather than months purely because of the service we provide.

Our business is to provide solutions to home sellers, be it providing short term accommodation so people can complete on the house of their dreams or to provide a fair price for a fast sale. If you have a need for any of our services then contact us and we will be on the case straight away.

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